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    go to Object problem fmp12



      go to Object problem fmp12


      Good Morning,

      I can't get the goto object script to work in fmp12? Works fine in fmp11 and is a simple script never had an issue with. Has there been a change to the procedure in 12? I made a Test file just to be certain my fmp12 wasn't corrupted and same issue nothing happens? my test is 3 tabs NOTE, DIRECTIONS AND PEOPLE.

      go to object [Object Name:"NOTES"]

      go to object [Object Name:"DIRECTIONS"]

      go to object [Object Name:"PEOPLE"]

      Thanks for direction.

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          There has been no change. What, exactly, goes wrong for you? You've posted your script but failed to describe what goes wrong.

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            Figures I would post and then find the solution. I overlooked the Inspector NOT having a name in the "Name" on the position tab was the problem.

            I thought this would happen automatically by creating a tab and naming it obviously it doesn't. 

            Thanks for your time.

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              Well Actually I do need help... 

              I have a tab with an inventory portal and a script that allows the user to delete an entry. The problem I'm having is the updating of the "Units on Hand" field on my Beverages TO. If I click into the Beverage table "Units on Hand" field updates. How do I script to click into an object and make the field update?  I have tried go to object "Entry"  this doesn't seem to work nor does selecting another tab. Only by clicking into the TO does the field update. Is this a script trigger use?

              set error capture on

              Show custom dialog  ["Confirmation ;"Do you want to permanently remove " & Get ( ScriptParameter ) & "?"]

              if get Get [( LastMessageChoice ) = 2]

              exit script[]

              End If

              Delete Portal Row

              Go to object[Object Name"Entry"]

              Go to Field [Beverages:"Units on hand"


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                "Clicking into a TO" makes no sense to me. We click into fields, not table occurrences. Or does "TO" mean something else here?

                Getting totals to update correctly can be a factor of whether or not a record with edited fields is committed and whether a window or object has been refreshed. In extreme cases Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results" ] is needed, but this is generally an option to avoid as it can greatly slow down layout refreshing as it.

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                  Turns out the "commit record" step was missing