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    Go to portal record



      Go to portal record



      I have a portal that lists contact name but does not allow to create any records from it, unless button is clicked.  (I have a script that creates new contact record).  Also, there is an another portal that shows all the contact details on which ever contact you click on the other portal.
      User interface works as when you click on the portal list, you see the contact detail on the other portal right next to the contact list portal. 
      My question is:  when you click on the "add contact" button, a script creates a new record but I would like it to be able to select or go to the newly created portal row so that all the blank fields show up on the detail portal.
      Would that be possible?

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          If your portal records are unsorted so that a newly created record is listed at the bottom of the portal, then this is easy to do.

          Go to Object ["portals object name"]
          Go To Portal Row [Last]

          works if "allow creation of records via this relationship is not enabled and if you have used the name box at the top of the Inspector's position tab to give the portal an object name. (We need this so that go to portal row acts on the correct portal.)

          If you do have Allow create enabled, add one more step:

          Go to Object ["portals object name"]
          Go To Portal Row [Last]
          Go To Portal Row [Previous]

          If the portal records are sorted, then the newest record may always appear at the top of the portal. If so, use go to portal record [first].

          If sorting and data entered by your add portal record script leave this new record somewhere in the middle of the portal, we can still put the focus on this portal row, but it will take a more sophisticated script. Let me know if this is the case and I'll add a script for that.

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            Thank you very much for your answer!  No, the portal has "allow create" disabled so the going to the last row totally makes sense.
            What I also did was added the "perform script" to basically perform a script to show the related record in the portal next to it.

            It all worked great!  Thank you so much!!!!Smile