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Go to Portal row doesn't appear to work

Question asked by SkipGilleland on Sep 24, 2014
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Go to Portal row doesn't appear to work


I am including a image to help be clear.  The top image of the screenshot is on a Slide Panel (not sure if that matters).  When clicking any of the buttons on the right side (1.), the corresponding number should show up in the portal (2.), when another number is double tapped, it should add that number to the bottom of the portal.  (3.) when the numbers are double tapped # 3 on the top image should average the numbers.  Instead, what appears to be happening is that everytime a number is clicked (1.), it simply replaces the top portal row with the current number.  (looking at the table it looks as if it is just replacing the number in the table instead of adding it to the table.  I have included the script for the buttons, the formulas for the fields.  Any suggestions on anything to improve this would be greatly appreciated.