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    go to portal row issue



      go to portal row issue


      I am trying to write a script that places values from one table to a portal on another table. However, I seem to be unable to use the navigate to (last) portal row script step. It keeps taking me to the last row of the portal on the details tab. I have named the payment tab and payment portal and have used the 'go to object' script step. but for some reason it keeps navigating to the last row of the portal on the details tab.

      I have included a screen print of the script and layout. any advice would be appreciated.



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          Perhaps check and see if the portal on the details tab has been inadvertantly given the same object name as the payments portal.

          Have you used the Script Debugger and followed the script as it executes step-by-step by clicking the "Step Into" button? At what point in the script does it switch to the details tab?



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            If this is creating a new record in the portal, you may well be better off not to have your script interact directly with the portal. Instead, use this type of script:

            Freeze Window
            Set Variable [$InvoiceID ; Invoices::InvoiceID ]
            Set Variable [$amt ; Invoices::gAmt ]
            Go To Layout ["InvoicePayments" (InvoicePayments) ]
            New Record/Request
            Set Field [InvoicePayments::PaymentID ; $PaymentID]
            Set Field [InvoicePayments::InvoiceID ; $InvoiceID ]
            Set Field [InvoicePayments::Amt ; $Amt ]
            Go To Layout [Original Layout]

            Note that I've assumed a few things that may not exactly match your setup and field/layout/table names, but you should be able to adapt the approach to get it to work for you.