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    Go to portal row not working



      Go to portal row not working


      This script retrieves the right portal row in the first record but when it goes to the next it reverts to the first portal. thanks for you help. 


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          it reverts to the first portal

          Am I correct that you have more than one portal on your layout? Go to Portal Row lacks the option to specify a particular portal. You'll need to use the inspector to give each portal an object name and then you precede each use of Go to Portal Row with a go to object step specifying the object name of the desired portal ( you may need to pass that name to this script as a script parameter), in order to set the focus on the correct portal layout object.

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            yes there are many portals on a list view layout, let me give a visual so as to explain. ( I wanted a horizontal view instead of the typical vertical.) I want to select the trash and delete that column. not sure how to do this as your explaining without using a case function with 180 different calc.?

                                   Day1          Day2       Day3

            studentA            79              96           84   theses are scores inside portals 180x set to their respective rows

            studentB            88              82           98   ....

                                    trash          trash        trash   these are buttons inside portals set to the same row as the above



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              Actually, I do not see how the case function would work at all.If you read my post again, I suggested passing the object name as a script parameter. The object name of a portal in the column will be the same for each record. (I am assuming that this is a list view with one record for each student and single row portals.)

              Given that you are actually deleting multiple records, one for each student, I'd not try to do this by interacting with the portal at all. I'd set up the script to switch to a layout based on the portal table, perform a find that finds all the records in the column for all the students shown and then does a delete all records to delete the founds set.