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Go to record but in another layout

Question asked by KatrinaRolfe_1 on Oct 12, 2014
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Go to record but in another layout



This is probably really simple, but I cannot work it out.

I have a field ("Editions") that is a drop-down list. It shows the values from another field ("Publications").

The "Editions" field is on a basic layout that is used as my home page. It is the first layout users see when they open FileMaker or login via WebDirect. On this page, they need to choose which Publication they want to view using this "Editions" field. What I want it to do is to open the chosen Publication on a specific layout ("Dashboard").

I tried using a script (and I'm really not good at writing scripts), but all I can get it to do is navigate to the "Dashboard", but it automatically goes to the first record, not the specified record "Publication" that was chosen from the drop down list.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Hopefully I've explained it properly.

Thanks in advance,