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go to record by calculation

Question asked by ocolamonici on Jul 16, 2009
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go to record by calculation



I have a script used to search on a specific set of ID records in a complex database. The ID records are grouped according to a field that can contain different results (for example, some ID records have A in the field while other have , B or C).   In case that the search does not return any records, I created a variable ($StartingID) so I can return to the original ID within the original group).  The database is always showing all the IDs that are from a single group (i.e., A) that is previously selected. The $StartingID variable captures the unique RecordID created by FM using the Get (RecordID) function before starting the search script.  If the search fails (get found=0), the scripts runs a find for all the records in group A, and then, uses the calculation for the Go to Record/request/page/calculation step at the end of the script to recall the starting record. The script works well until the Go to Record[calculation] step, in which the $StartingID should recall the recordID displayed before starting the search.  Using the debugger I found that everything works perfect until the Go to Record{calculation:$StartingID) step. I pasted the name of the variable into the calculation field of Go to Record, to avoid mistakes, and still does not work. Am I missing anything? Is this a bug?

Can somebody help me out.