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Go to Record in another window?

Question asked by ianmanning on Oct 8, 2010
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Go to Record in another window?


I have a database with lots of product records. many records have data missing from one of the fields.

products of similar name/type will have similar data in the missing field. unfortunately the product names can also be very similar for very diferent products. This means that the data has to be chosen manually.

To aid the selection process I am trying to use two adjacent windows. one is showing a list view with 50 records on screen at anytime. The second is a form view of the record that needs to be updated.

I open the second window from a button on the first window so that the same found set of records are used in both windows.

The form view is packed with radio buttons to make the selection fast and accurate. there is also a Next button which will advance to the next record (via a script) stopping at the next record with the data missing.

When my 'Next' script has found the next record with data missing it will Select Window[ first window name] and the Go To Record [ $currentrecord in second window] before selecting the second window again  this works ok and both screen show the same record.

I have two questions about this.

1) can I change the record in the first window without leaving the second ie Go To Record [ second window name; $currentrecord]

2) is there a way of highlighting the current row in a list view?