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go to record in list from drop down in header

Question asked by CollynHinchey on Mar 23, 2011
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go to record in list from drop down in header



I think I have a fairly simple problem, but I'm having some trouble solving it. I have a layout of manufacturers that is set up only to view in list mode. Since there are quite a few manufacturers, a few hundred, I thought it would be helpful to have a drop-down in the header where a user can select a manufacturer, and a corresponding button that will jump to that manufacturer's record in the body of the layout.

I set up a global field as the drop-down and populated it with a list that draws values from the primary key field and the manufacturer name field. But what's the script for the 'go to record' button? Is it possible to have this button in the header and have it jump to the manufacturer in the body of the same layout?

Thanks for any help!