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Go To Record/Request/Page [problem]

Question asked by AustinCarr on Jul 22, 2014
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Go To Record/Request/Page [problem]


     i'll keep this short. In my script I perform a find that uses set variables from a different layout(lOriginal)  and switches layouts (Layout2) to perform the find and then switches back to (Orginal layout) to display the results. My problem is if there is a matching record ...when the script switches back to the original layout instead of going back to the record we were just on, it goes to the matching records information. I thought using Go to Record/Request/Page [previous] would fix this but it only seems to go to a previous record on the list and not the previous record just visited. Script looks something like this in an If loop:


          If there is a match:


          Go to layout [ Original (_table1)]


          Go to Record/Request/Page [Previous]


          Show Custom Dialog


          Halt Script

     Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks