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Go To Records from portal

Question asked by ChadGist on Nov 14, 2013
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Go To Records from portal


     I have a portal within a host layout, and I have created a button to "Go To Related Records" which opens up a new window and shows the details of that particular record from the portal using the "Match Current Record Only" setting.  This works great.

     I'd also like to have a second button to do the exact same thing, but open all records currently showing within the portal on this specific form that I am viewing. The problem is if I use the same "Go To Related Records" and check the preference for "Match all records in current fount set", it will open up a list view of all portal records that have been added from every host record. I'd like to just see the records I am currently viewing. 

     I apologize if my terminology is incorrect, hope this makes sense. Any ideas on how to do this?