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    Go To Records from portal



      Go To Records from portal


           I have a portal within a host layout, and I have created a button to "Go To Related Records" which opens up a new window and shows the details of that particular record from the portal using the "Match Current Record Only" setting.  This works great.

           I'd also like to have a second button to do the exact same thing, but open all records currently showing within the portal on this specific form that I am viewing. The problem is if I use the same "Go To Related Records" and check the preference for "Match all records in current fount set", it will open up a list view of all portal records that have been added from every host record. I'd like to just see the records I am currently viewing. 

           I apologize if my terminology is incorrect, hope this makes sense. Any ideas on how to do this?


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               Keep the same settings as your first button. GTRR with "match current record" pulls up a found set of all records listed in an unfiltered portal, but makes the record clicked in the portal to be the current record so "match current record" is the setting to use.

               This is because "match current record" matches the current layout record to the records in the portal's table. "Match found set" will match your layout's found set of records to the records in the related table and produce a found set of what could be many many more records and definitely not what you want here.

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                 Just what I wanted, thank you!

                 I guess I didn't understand that by having my first button on the row itself, it was simultaneously clicking the record, which is the reason I was just getting the details for the single record.

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                   GTRR is complex, something of a "camel" (a horse designed by a committee) and not really documented down to every last detail in FileMaker help.

                   I've taken my own stab at documenting it but I think it still leaves out a detail or two: The Complete Go To Related Record