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Question asked by gullfounder on Feb 27, 2013
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           i am new to Filemaker, Just started working on it.

     Here is my issue.

     I have created 3 tables. Student Class and join class studen. student keeps students record. and class table keeps record of class. while the joine class studend is used to joine the 2 tables. I wanted to generate a report based on class. geneder and year.

     For example: Class 10 Gender male and year 2012. The report should have studend uniqe ID Name Father Name and Mobile number.

     I tried to set a layout tab in main layout. in which i created class field gender field. and then created a seprated Report. on studend. in which in included class and student name father name and mobile number. Reported i set was sorted by Class in body part and rest of the fields in body parts.

     But it seams i cant get it working.

     i have attached the file to review it. Plz help me what mistake i did.