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Go to Related Record

Question asked by janslort on Apr 26, 2013
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Go to Related Record


     I have a typical accounting solution in which I have a Customers file and show their (related) invoices from an Invoice file in a Portal.  I like to send out a statement after I call each of them, about their account.  which I expect to have the "Related invoices from the [portal) on the satement.  I set up a "Button" to do this.   It is  "Go To Related Records" script step using the "layouts from related file", select "Customer Statement" layout, "Show only related records" and BINGO.  Up pops a statement for the customer whose contact record I started with showint the invoices I expected.  ONE small problem, since  I havn't "sorted by "CustomerName", my Sub-summary part with the sub-totals doesn't show.  When I create a script in which "go to Related Records is the first step and "sort by "CustomerName" is the second step, I get  all the invoices in the file.  What can I do to fix this?