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      Go to Related Record


           I have a typical accounting solution in which I have a Customers file and show their (related) invoices from an Invoice file in a Portal.  I like to send out a statement after I call each of them, about their account.  which I expect to have the "Related invoices from the [portal) on the satement.  I set up a "Button" to do this.   It is  "Go To Related Records" script step using the "layouts from related file", select "Customer Statement" layout, "Show only related records" and BINGO.  Up pops a statement for the customer whose contact record I started with showint the invoices I expected.  ONE small problem, since  I havn't "sorted by "CustomerName", my Sub-summary part with the sub-totals doesn't show.  When I create a script in which "go to Related Records is the first step and "sort by "CustomerName" is the second step, I get  all the invoices in the file.  What can I do to fix this?



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               Actually, a solution where this data is in two files really isn't all that typical for current FIleMaker systems though it was once the only way you could set this up back before the release of Filemaker 7.

               What version of FileMaker are you using? And are you using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Advanced?

               Nothing intrinsically wrong with using separate files, but it does complicate the process in how your database functions.

               A sort records step cannot change what records are present in the found set. Either your GTRR step does not have the "Match Current Record Only" option specified or some other part of your system is interfering and changing what records appear after you sort the records.

               If you have FileMaker Advanced, you might try running your script with the sort records step included while the script debugger is enabled. That might help you spot what is altering your found set.

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                 I'm using fm11pro Advanced. But Thanks for the tip. Ill try it