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Go to related Record and Security issues

Question asked by TeresaKenyon on Oct 8, 2013
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Go to related Record and Security issues


     I have a script that I am using that when triggered should copy information into fields in 2 additional records related to the First record.

     The problem I am having is that under my Admin acct the script runs perfectly. However, under the more restricted data entry account the script step "Go to related records. Show only related records- Match current found set" only finds the first record out of the three.

     When I run the same script step under my admin account it works pefectly and sets the fields accross all three related records in the found set instead of just the first. I selected run with full access privileges which yielded the same results.

     Does anyone have any insight? I've also gone back and looked at the security settings. The user does have access to the layout that contains the list of records that I'm having them edit.