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Go to Related Record based on a "future" field value

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Oct 30, 2013
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Go to Related Record based on a "future" field value


     Ok, I wanted to solve this myself but am unable to. I have 2 layouts that are close to identical. The only difference being, one layout has a few fields removed (the purpose is to make it look like fields have been hidden, the user doesn't know they are going between layouts). This is achieved by an "On/Off" radio button and a trigger script on the layout. On these layouts I have a portal on the left that acts as a way to select records and display them on that layout, via go to related records.

     The issue I am having, is that the GTRR doesn't always go to the right layout because it doesn't know if the record I am clicking on has On or Off selected in the radio button.

     I need a script that when the record in the portal is clicked on, it goes to that record, finds out if the radio button says On or Off, then goes to the related record using the correct layout which is based on the On Off radio button. In the script I don't know how to get FM to go "forward" and record if On or Off is selected and apply it to the GTRR.

     Any help would be appreciated.