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Go to Related Record conflict

Question asked by Mitch on Mar 7, 2011
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Go to Related Record conflict



I have a database that has two basic layouts.  The Form Layout, which is in form view displaying one record at a time.  The second layout, List Layout displays records in list view.  On both layouts, a script runs on opening that resizes and centres each layout, this script also enters find mode and searches for only those records that are marked active (as simple field in each record with a value of '1' for active record and a '2' for not active) then sorts all found records in chronological order.  

Prior to adding the find function into the opening script, each record displayed in List View had a script attached to one of the fields (record number).  This script would open the Form Layout and Go to the Related Record select in the List Layout.  

Since the addition of find function, the Go to Related Record will no longer work.  

Is there any way around this... whilst still maintaining a means of only displaying active records?