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Go to related record doesn't work

Question asked by AnitaWoods on May 29, 2012
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Go to related record doesn't work


I am a novice FM user, with a db for my home business as a midwife.  I have never been able to get "go to related record" to work.  I typically use this in a button setup.  I have a Home layout with a list of current clients, based upon TablePregnancy2, with a button that is supposed to GTRR in the layout LOPrenatalChart, also based upon TablePregnancy.  I have a relationship from TablePregnancy to TablePregnancy2.  The button setup lists "get related record from: "TablePregnancy", show record using layout "LOPrenatalChart".  I have tried it multiple ways, "show only related records; match current record only" and "match all records" and with nothing checked in the result options, or with "show in new window".  It never works.  It just takes me to the prenatal chart layout and shows all the records, with the first record displayed.  I have another layout, LOFiles based upon TableFiles with a relationship from TableFiles to TablePregnancy, and the GTRR goes from TablePregnancy, show record using layout LOPrenatalChart. It never goes to the related record, just shows the layout with all the records and the first record is displayed.  What am I doing wrong?