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Go to related record from same layout

Question asked by millebjoerk on May 18, 2010
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Go to related record from same layout




I have a database with many participants participating many different trips. People match different trips and in the "trips-layout" I have created a list of the participants related to a specific trip in a portal. Now i would like to have a drop down list in the participant-layout from where you can choose between all the participants on the same trip, in the case that you have joined the trip together with some else. That I have done through a dynamic value list, which works.


Now what I want to do is to be able to click on a participant's travelling body and then turn to the travelling body's record. I have tried to create a script which says that if the field is empty then enter the field (and then choose the travelling body). If else (menaning if the field already contains a travelling body) then go to related record (meaning go to the travelling body's record). This does not work. I have made the relation between the the two fields in the relationsships of the database, by putting a relation between this particular field called "travelling body" and the field from which the value list is created called "name". And it still doesn't work..


Can anyone help me with this?


Best, Mille