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Go to related record in a variable layout

Question asked by krod on Apr 8, 2013
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Go to related record in a variable layout


     I have created several different layouts to display different information from one table called Issues. Each entry in Issues has a specified "Issue Type" that is associated to a specific layout (i.e. "Customer Complaint" layout displays only entries with issue type "Customer Complaint"). Each entry in Issues also has a specified productID, which relates to parent table Products.

     I have a Products layout that displays the information from the Products table, and I have a portal that shows related information from the Issues table. I want to create a button in the portal that will open the related issue record in the appropriate layout based on Issue Type. 

     I started to set up a button in the portal with the following script:

     Go to Layout [If ( Issues::IssueType="Meetings" ; LayoutNames ( "Meetings" ) ; "Design Change" )]

     But this does nothing. I put in a superflous beep command just so I could make sure that the button connects to the script, and it does, but it won't open the specified layout, let alone the specified record.

     What am I doing wrong?