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Go To Related Record in same layout

Question asked by GrahamDavies on Apr 27, 2013
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Go To Related Record in same layout


     Hi - 

     I am more of analyst than a developer - so apologies in advance if this is hugely straightforward - I have however spent several hours yesterday trying to make this work to no avail.

     The first table in a new databse I am creating is called Customers - and has the following fields on it:

        Name_First  (Text input field)

        Name_Last (Text input field)

        Name_Combined (Calculation:  Name_First & " " & Name_Last)

       (...a number of other fields... but these are not required to outline the issue...)


     In browse mode I want users to be able to input data - no issue there.  I would hoever like to include a button that does the following:

        When the user depresses or hovers over the button - a drop down list of already created customers to appear (this is why I have the Name_Combined field - I would like the list to be generated from this field)

        If a user scrolls down to one of the existing users and then selects that user - I then want to filemaker to move to that record...

     I have included a sample screenshot.  Lets say the user has entered the details of 3 cutomers (i) John M Doe, (ii) Susan Smith and (iii) Andrew Jones.  Whilst on the John M Doe record if they press the "Go to custmer..." button I would like it to show a dop down list of "John M Doe, Susan Smith and Andrew Jones".  If they choose Susan Smith I want Filemaker to navigate to her record.

     I am sure this should be a piece of cake to do this... I am just not getting how to do it.