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Go To Related Record unexpected action

Question asked by JeffBroderick on Apr 25, 2015
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Go To Related Record unexpected action


I have used GTRR many times and never ran into this behavior.

I have an invoicing solution that auto numbers and labels each payment form with a suffix, indicating Invoice, Cash Receipt, or Credit.  IN, RE, CR for example.

I have three different portals that filter each group of by the suffix so it's only showing the forms from the portal title - All Invoices, All Receipts or All Credits.

The portal row has the payment form number with a button to Go To Related Record.

The portal is based on the table called ReceiptForm and the related record from Receipt Form.  I have selected to only show only related Records and Match Current Record Only.

The button is attached to the receipt form number and when it's chosen, it is choosing all of the forms that are filtered in that portal instead of showing the single invoice that is the related record.

There are only 12 test forms and I can see that one portal shows 6 records, one shows 5 records and the other button shows 1 record, which is how I determined that I'm getting all of the filtered forms and not just the one I choose.

I should add that the record shown is the last record displayed in the portal where the button starts the process.