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Goal setting database

Question asked by ultranix on Jul 6, 2012
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Goal setting database


I want to create a simple goal setting dabatase [GOALS table], in which i'd put goals of current year, 5 year goals and progress or reaching them.

Each goal has it's (auto-enter) ID (id_goal).

Each goal falls into 1 of 7 categories (id_cat), listed in categories table.

Goals of the current year and 5 year goals are related, e.g. goal: "To earn $1500 a month" (this year's goal, category: finances) is related to 5 year goal: "To earn $3000 a month" (same category: finances).

Every week I put my progress in [ACTIVITY] table, related to GOALS table.

MY QUESTION IS: what's the best setting of database to track progress without copy-pasting progress of current year goals to 5 year goals table?

Should I have a separate table for 5 year goals and then just relate the categories for it display progress? But as there may be more than 1 5 year goals of the same category, then it would mess up the whole thing.