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Goals at different levels (Drop down menus)

Question asked by JohnPink on Mar 9, 2013
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Goals at different levels (Drop down menus)



     I have a problem that i can't seem to come to a solution, what i am trying to do is be able to set goals at different levels I.e Long term, Medium term & Short term 

     What i want to be able to do is view the long term goals at the top of the page and then below i would have a single title for medium term like "Week 5" and this week would have several of its own goals but not having to enter week 5 in everyone to relate to the long term goal. Then be able to create "week 6" and this would still link to the same long term goal. and i would be able to add several goals to week 6. 

     Then you would be able to create a new long term goal, called "Month 2" and then you could create more sub goals in that like "week 7" for example or a different name "Away camp 7" and then add goals that related to that. 

     Then you would be able to open week, and as above but with week at the top of the page it goals underneath, and then below that be able to a day and a goal to that, then add another day to the same week and another goal.

     I Have it so it kind of works but i have to have buttons to go back and forth rather than drop down menus, for the week and month, as otherwise its changes the record it is realted too.

     Hope someone can help as i have spent days and days trying to work it out..


     John Pink