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Going Between Windows encountering problem

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Feb 8, 2011
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Going Between Windows encountering problem


I am trying to create a script that will update my pricebook from stock information I receive. The script will use two tables a Pricebook table and a Stock Notice table and go between two seperate windows lets call them "PBA" and 'STB" . The script is to copy the item code from the stock table /STB and create a new record in the pricebook table PBA, paste to the PBA itemcode  and  after completed a checkbox  is marked  the STB field "Updated".

In doing this manually I discovered something I never encountered before. if I create a New Record in my PBA table then copy my Itemcode from my STB and paste in the PBA itemcode it works fine. However when I go to my Stock table copy my itemcode then move to the PBA and create new record it will not paste? I can type the code in but the record does not allow me to paste? The information is on the clipboard because I can paste in the Stock table.  I have a long list of items and the only way I can think of doing this is the later.

What am I missing?