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Going Crazy ... how do I create a simple search form that gives me a report?

Question asked by KathyCastle on Apr 7, 2011
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Going Crazy ... how do I create a simple search form that gives me a report?


Hi All,

I actually have searched for this information everywhere but nowhere is the answer clear. Bits of it are clear, but not the whole process.

Background is that I have been given a Mac with Filemaker Pro 11 on it and told to convert our MS Access databases to Filemaker Pro. Okay, so I choose an easy database and get started on it .... all is good in terms of importing the data and then creating input forms. In fact, it is quite easy and I am feeling optimistic.

But then I start to look at output. Yes, the find function is very powerful, but I don't really want to let the users loose on every table trying to work out their find queries. I want them to be able to search for the specific information they want easily. So, I want to create a form that looks a bit like:

Select Trainer <selection box with trainer name>

Select Course <selection box with course names>

Select date range from <start date> to <end date>

Submit button.

I then want the variables in this form to be inserted in a search query or find that locates the relevant records and then displays the results in a report - in this case a report that looks a bit like:

Trainer Name: John Bloggs

Average results:

Question 1    Question 2  Question 3  Comments

5                  4                  4             Positive Comments  70% Negative Comments 26% N/A 4%

Now, this is pretty easy in Access - takes a little fiddling for sure but it's all doable. How can I do this in Filemaker? I can find bits and pieces of this process but nowhere can I find how to link it all together. Is it even possible? Does anyone know something I can read or can post an example?

Thanks very much for any answers - I am going a bit crazy trying to sort out what is, in my mind, a very simple issue which has become very complex. I am kind of wondering if Filemaker Pro is really suitable at this point.