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Going to a contact file from another database

Question asked by FMUser on Apr 2, 2010
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Going to a contact file from another database


I am new to programming databases but have been learning a lot along the way. I am using Filemaker Pro 10 for my small business and began by implementing a premade solution that Filemaker provided called “Filemaker Business Productivity Solution – Service Edition (BPS)” Which is a collection of separate databases linked together through scripts. The problem that I am having is that over the course of using BPS I have wanted to make several changes, which I have done with a little help from a Missing Manual book. What I am trying to do, the book is no help with this, is to add a field into the Service Database for a contact with a button next to it that I can click and have it take me to that contact in the Contact Database. What I have done to solve the challenge is: I have added the Contact Database to the Service Database as an external data source and added the Contact DB as relationship in the Manage Database area. I know that I am going to have to provide a script and a button to be able to view the Contact form view through use of a button in the Service DB but everything I have tried has failed. I need help to figure this out… I am way to invested to start over with a new database design.

Thanks for any help…