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Going to a portal row

Question asked by miw on Mar 16, 2011
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Going to a portal row


I have a set of records that are characterized by "type".  I have a layout (called PortalLayout) that has a portal that shows all "types" and then below that a separate portal that shows all records within that "type".  However, due to size limits, I can only show 15 portal rows at a time for the "type" portal and so I have a vertical scroll bar to see the other portal rows.  I also have a more detailed layout (called DetailRecord) for each record.  On the DetailRecord layout, I have a button that will take me to the PortalLayout using the current record's "Type".  On the PortalLayout portal that show all "types" I can successfully highlight the current type selected when I push the button and it will show me all records within that "type" in the portal below it.  However, the selected "type" portal row may be past the top 15 rows in the portal and so it doesn't initially show on the screen and I have to scroll down to find it.  How can I get the portal row to show up properly on the screen when it is below the top 15 rows visible in the portal?