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Going to an item in a list

Question asked by njem on Jan 7, 2011
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Going to an item in a list


If I have a list or table view and I want the user to type in a name in a dialog box and have it jump to that name IN THE LIST, how do I do that? I can do a find or quick find but that trims my list down to just that. I want to keep the list and go to a given record. I don't have the record number in advance so GoToRecord(#) doesn't do me any good. I might be able to have the record ID (get(recordID)) in advance but don't see any corresponding GoTo(RecordID). Not even sure what good Get(RecordID) is since you can't seem to do anything with it.

PhilModJunk help me create one method but FM seems rather clumsy at this. We created a global field and a self join from MainTable::globalField to mainTable2::NameField. Then if I have a script that momentarily goes to a layout for MainTable and from there executes Go To Related Record in MainTable2 using a layout for MainTable2 (the list) then it gets there.

But all this global field and self joins and jumping between layouts just to go to a record that contains x, seems like the most basic db function. FM does it by Find or QuickFind but insists on imposing a filter of only the found records rather than simply going to that record. Doesn't FM have something like Go To the First Record where FieldA = X?