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Going to same record on different table occurence

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 7, 2011
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Going to same record on different table occurence


I have three table occurrences, each with its own layout - Contacts, PO Contacts, and Quote Contacts. The Contacts occurrence is just a general table occurrence, without any relationships tied to it. The PO Contacts and Quote Contacts are table occurrences that are related to PO's and Quotes, respectively. I want it so the user only accesses these two other table occurrences layouts through the main Contacts layout. So, if I am looking at ContactID number 3 in my Contacts layout, I want to be able to click on a button marked "Show related PO's) that links to that contactID on my PO Contacts Layout (that layout has a Portal listing the PO's that the Contact appears on). Same thing with my Quote Contacts layout. How do I do this? Thanks.