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Good heavens, I just want to to get a sum total on a layout.

Question asked by TTerz on Oct 3, 2014
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Good heavens, I just want to to get a sum total on a layout.


I've spent 4 hours on this one tiny problem if that tells you anything about how I am feeling about this issue.

I made a report layout so I can simply total up my invoices based on dates that I select via buttons. I want to be able to view how much revenue was generated sorted by each year, and it would be nice to see how much was generated per month.

I made a button that 'finds' a whole year's revenue based on a script but I can't for the life of me figure out how to sum all of those numbers. That's all I'm looking to do. I tried making a summary field on the table with my invoices and that works but I can't sort it. What is literally the easiest way to sum up numbers that have been sorted based on found fields in a report?

Right now, the summary field if I put it in my report footer shows up as a '?'. It will calculate the found results on the invoice table but not here? WTF!?