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Google Contacts

Question asked by JasonPenner on Apr 12, 2012


Google Contacts


I am currently developing a database for my gym that is based off of the sample project for invoices, where invoices are workouts and products are exercises, etc. As a business we extensively use Google Apps, for Calendar, Docs and most importantly Contacts. As of right now I find myself putting contacts in Filemaker and then having to double up and add them to Google Contacts. I know there is a way to have this automated, where I put it in Filemaker and click a button and pooof added to Google Contacts and synced across all of our devices. The problem is, I have no idea where to start with this. I have a very limited knowledge of APIs but am a quick study, any suggestions where to start with this would be greatly appreciated... from what I can gather a Custom Fucntion is where to start... but haven't gotten much past that.