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google maps

Question asked by pv on Mar 24, 2010
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google maps


The following is a post I pasted here from 2 years ago, it works great, but I only want to plot points for my addresses, not get driving directions to each one.  I've tried taking out (d&saddr), all together & bits & pieces of it, but can't figure it out.

Also, are there other options, like zoom level, window size,...

How do I keep it in my filemaker program instead of opening in a browser?





First you need a database with a table that has an address field and a sorting field.

Create a list layout with the 2 fields.

Find all the addresses that you want to include in the map. Use the sort field to specify the order.

An Open Map script should do the following:


Sort the records according to the sort field

Set variable $URL to ""  & Substitute ( Address::Address; " "; "+")

[note: saddr is the start address]

Loop through remaining records...

Go to next record (exit after last)

Set $URL & "+to:"  & Substitute ( Address::Address; " "; "+")

[note: +to: denotes all additional addresses]

End loop.

Open URL (No Dialog), $URL