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Google maps address field

Question asked by BorisKamp on Sep 19, 2013
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Google maps address field


     Hi guys!

     Im using the google maps feature in my database but have troubles.

     first let me explain how I laid out my address tables and fields:

     - City table, _pkCityID (field), City (field) > this goes for city, street and district

     - street number as a field in my properties table

     Now for the address field of the maps feature I created a new field called "AddressAddress" and made it a calculation field: AddressStreet# + Streets::Street and made the outcome "text"

     you would think it would combine the numbers and street names like "16216 Rosemont" or something so google can use it in the maps feature, instead it only gives the street number "16216".....

     What am I doing wrong!?

     Thanks in advance!