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Google Maps custom web viewer

Question asked by braxton on Mar 21, 2014
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Google Maps custom web viewer


     For years I have had a custom setup to see a small Google map in my database.  Today it has disappeared and is just a gray screen.  It's probably because Google has been updating their maps.  The regular setup through the web viewer works.  But, you don't get a view of exactly what you want.  My setup showed me the location in a small box without any other information.  I'm going to miss this.

     The code I was using is:

     "data:text/html,<style type='text/css'>html,body{overflow:hidden;}</style><html><head><title>NavText</title><head><bodybgcolor='#FFFFFF'TopMargin='10'style='border:0'><iframe width='"&GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("web";"width")-18&"'height='"&GetLayoutObjectAttribute("web";"height")-18&"'frameborder='0' scrolling='no'marginheight='0'marginwidth='0'src='"&Client::Client_Address1&"+"&Client::Client_City&"+"&Client::Client_State&"+"&Client::Client_Zip&"&amp;output=embed&iwloc=0&z=13'></iframe></body></html>"

     Does anyone have a fix for what Google is doing now?