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    Google Maps Issue (Newbie)



      Google Maps Issue (Newbie)


      Sorry all but I'm a complete newbie to FMP (3 days).

      I'm trying to load latitude,longitude google satellite map into a web viewer. I checked out Brian Dunning and a few other posts (http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1474). Unfortunately I just load a grey square.

      Can anyone give me a solution please? Any help will be appreciated (at least a Pint!).

      Cheers Andy

      Heres my custom function:

      GoogleMapsbyCoords (Latitude,Longitude,Zoom,WebViewerObjectName)

      <style type='text/css'>
      html,body {
          <body bgcolor='#FFFFFF' TopMargin='0' style='border:0'>
              <iframe width='" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( WebViewerObjectName ; "width" ) - 10 &
                  "' height='" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( WebViewerObjectName ; "height" ) - 25 &
                  "' frameborder='0' scrolling='15' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0'
                  src='http://local.google.com/maps?q=" & Latitude & "," & Longitude & "&z=" & Zoom & 
      "&ll="  & Latitude & "," & Longitude  &  

      And my field: GoogleMapsbyCoords ( mddigsv20141::digLATITUDE ; mddigsv20141::digLONGITUDE ; 12 ; "web" )

      Using FMPro Mac







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          That a look at the contact starter solution.  Go to the iPad layout.  Filemaker has an area that you can place object without the showing on the screen, and the iPad layout has some objects dealing with google maps on the layout.  Note there are some issue with google and filemaker starter solution not working correct on the ios devices.  The desktop layout is good too, there is just different approaches based on the device / computer. 

            Here is another link about some of the fixes for the ios issues. Filemaker Go 13 Starter Solution not working on iPad    

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            Thanks SC, I'll take a look.

            I should have added that I'm working on a solution for Mac and Windows Desktops/Laptops.


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              Hi, from my newbie perspective the Contacts starter solution appears to use an actual address in order to create the map. I need to do it using latitude and longitude. Any suggestions please?


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                I added this to my DB, where I can plot multi points.  It contains a few custom functions, but one script is just a button where you take the address and it retrieves the lat/long.  Then I made another button that brings up a lat and long field to modify, if necessary.


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                  Steve, you can used an address to plot multi points.  Here is an old sample I created. I converted to calculation instead custom function for user that didn't have Filemaker Advance.  https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D9559058_78149901_162064


                  For the latitude and longitude, look at the iPad layout that comes with Filemaker 13.  I assume since you stated you were new that you were using 13.  In layout mode in the gray are you will see object, which is used in scripts.  That is why in my first post I suggested looking at the iPad layout.  

                  I had an old google-map-points from filemaker hack, that used lat & long, but it seem not to be working correctly.  Google Maps keeps changing stuff up.

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                    Thanks both Steve and SC. Unfortunately I think its a bit too complicated for my old brain. Its difficult for me to understand how to import these examples into my database and then integrate. I was kinda hoping for a set of step-by-step instructions on how to generate the map from lat/long but everything I found talks about converting to an address and then mapping. Sounds really complicated.

                    If you know of any simple walk-throughs then I'd appreciate a link.

                    Thanks for taking the time to respond.