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    Google Maps on Filemaker IWP



      Google Maps on Filemaker IWP


      Hello Guys , i am working on google maps solution. It works well with in FM pro. but whenit  come to IWP maps dont load,  is it not compatible ? or some thing wrong ?

      Thanks in advance :)



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          I set up a test file which has a single layout, loading a location into a web viewer showing a hard-coded address in googlemaps.  I shared it using IWP, and logged on to it using Firefox (from inside the LAN).  It displays correctly.

          I think you will have to give us some more information about what fails, and what you are trying to do.  Are you building the location using a script that has steps not compatible with IWP?  Does it work correctly from inside and outside your LAN while accessing it using FM Client?  And with IWP, from inside and/or outside the LAN?  Does the web viewer fail to show any web page using IWP, or does it just fail when you try to load the map?

          If you copy and paste the URL from Filemaker directly into the web browser (on the workstation that fails to display it in IWP), does the URL correctly show the map?

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            Hello Thanks for reply

            I managed to fix that using openurl script. 


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                   I am having this problem as well.

                   I have been able to get the google map to work in the web viewer in IWP using this method.

                   Using the Web Viewer Tool I drew a box

                   I double clicked it to open 'Web Viewer Setup'

                   In here I go directly to the Specify button, this open another window called 'Specify Calculation'

                   Here I wrote

                   "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Property_List::Prop_Address & "," & /*City=*/ Property_List::Prop_City & "," & /*State=*/ Property_List::Prop_State & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ "" & "," & /*Country=*/ "&output=embed"

                   the bold items are the 'table' and 'field name' - (table::fieldname)


                   now for my question

                   the same process above but using this calculation

                   "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ Property_List::Prop_Address & "," & /*City=*/ Property_List::Prop_City & "," & /*State=*/ Property_List::Prop_State & "," & /*Zip Code=*/ "" & "," & /*Country=*/ ""

                   works great BUT not in IWP.  How can I make it work in IWP?

                   Also, I have seen posts stating that by using 'open url' with a web viewer that is does work but I have yet to find someone explain it in detail.

                   Huge thank you in advance for anyone that answers this for me.