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    Google Tracking



      Google Tracking


      Does anyone know if it can done to use filemake rpro to track 6 iphones like find myiphone? Their a web site to attach to database to be able to track.

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          You can add a Web Viewer to a layout.  I believe the default functionality is google maps.  You can specify the address info in the fields on the Web Viewer Setup dialog, or if you want to have more control you can specify the Web Address in more detail.

          I'm not sure I understand what you mean by tracking iPhones though - can you elaborate?

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            We have ten iphones we just bought for techs. What we want is to be able to add a web viewer add an address and be able to log in and see were the techs are. We can do it through mobile me but u have to login click find my iphone and wait. I need a straight login page. Was wondering if anyone used this for their business.