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Goto Field containing GetFound Set Text ?

Question asked by CStovin on Mar 26, 2013
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Goto Field containing GetFound Set Text ?


     I have a field which performs a Quick Find.  After it performs it's quick find I would like it to enter ( goto ) the first found field ( in case the found set text has multiple occurances, in multiple records)  which contains that found text.

     All of my fields in my layout have conditional formating so that when a field is active it changes it's Fill color to yellow so that it is more visible.

     The conditional formatting will kick in once the goto field from get found text etc. executes.   It sounds simple but I am not sure how to script this.

     Additionally, would it be possible to create a NEXT / PREVIOUS  found text field found, so that if I am searching it a large text "notes" field it can jump to the next occurance of that found text ?  (Much in the same way a find function works on a web page)