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    GoTo Layout script step slow



      GoTo Layout script step slow



      System: FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v5

                    OS X 10.10.3

                    Experience: Intermediate

      I have a script which switches to a layout that has about 49,000. The table has some summary fields but they do not appear on the layout. When the script step GoTo Layout is executed, FileMaker says that it is "summarising " one of the summary fields which can take 10 secs. Why is that happening when the summary fields are not on the layout. If I switch to the layout manually i.e. not in a script step, Filemaker does not summarize the summary fields. 

      Is there a way I can stop FM summarising the fields during the script step as I want to speed up the script.

      Many Thanks


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          That should not happen. If a summary field is not on the layout, it won't summarize. And you should get the same behavior via scripted or manual layout change.

          Perhaps there is some detail in your script other than the go to layout step that is involved.

          Note that go to layout is notorious for tripping any number of script triggers that might then perform other scripts while pausing the current script. But a manual change in layouts will usually trip the same triggers...