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Goto related record upon creating it

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 16, 2014
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Goto related record upon creating it


Hi again

I've been working at various layouts and decided for a task I'm putting together that a portal is too small, given the other info I've got on the page.  I'd like to navigate to a whole new Form layout where I can use the full page space to enter further information.  The idea is to click a button which says 'create job', goto the 'job' layout, add the details and then go back to the original record.

The steps (I think) I'd need to take would be:

Create button, script to goto related record on job layout

Enter necessary fields

Create another button on job layout to return where I started

Arrive back at the customer Form

The issue I've got is that when I get to the job layout after navigating from the customer layout, the customer ID is not populated, so the job I've just created is orphaned from the main customer.  Of course, how can FM go to a related record if (at this stage) one does not exist?!

The job form is based on a join table called JobRelationships which holds FKs for customers and jobs.  I've allowed creation and deletion of records in the relationship management as well.

How do I get the customer ID to auto populate to the newly created job row, thus joining the customer and it's associated jobs as I create them and allowing me to report on the job table later on to show which client has which jobs?

Sorry if this is sounding crazy, it's late in the day!

Thanks in advance