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Goto Specific field in Portal

Question asked by grouper on Oct 23, 2014
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Goto Specific field in Portal



I 've built a portal that has 3 related fields in it. The first is the portal_row_number (defined by a calculation), the second is a container field and the third is the corresponding master ID of the related table. I 'm trying to create two scripts (attached to buttons) that navigate through the portal rows, using the goto next/previous portal rows.

The portal is set up so that when the user clicks on the container, a setfield command is performed that makes the contents of the small portal container (looks like a thumbnail) visible on a larger container of the same field in the same layout, using a selected_table_occurence structure (the whole layout looks like having a small preview on the left and the bigger image on the right).

So the script attached to the navigation buttons should call in the setfield in order to work. I found no other way around it in order to get the correct ID for the setfield each time, but to include the master ID of the related selected_table in each portal row, make it hidden, and force the script to navigate to the ID object on the portal row, get(activefieldcontents), set a variable and setfield according to the variable.

The problem is that I can' t make the script navigate correctly through the portal .There are other portals on the same layout, so the script steps are :

goto object [portal]

go to next portal row

goto object [ID field inside portal row]

get activefieldcontents to variable

set field .......

For some reason this script always navigates to the 1st portal row. Presumable because the goto object [ID] always navigates to the 1st row. Can anyone help on how to set up the script so that it navigates correctly? Also, since the focus may already have been at a specific portal row (i.e. 5th) before clicking the navigation buttons, how should the script move the focus to the next/previous from that row?