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GoToField script step doesn't work properly

Question asked by ultranix on Sep 8, 2014
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GoToField script step doesn't work properly


I have 4 fields in a part of layout and their data input method is different value list (drop-down)

I have a script, which is loaded via script trigger onobjectsave of FIELD1, the script: 1) commits the records, 2) checks whether field one has specific values and if criteria is met 3) sets FIELD2 to "No" and

then it should execute go to field (FIELD3) script step, but it doesn't. Even if it sets field for FIELD 2 correctly, it remains on FIELD2 with the drop-down list values. 

How do i correct it and go to the FIELD3, if the FIELD2 is already set by a script trigger?