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    Grab FilePath and Name From Windows Explorer



      Grab FilePath and Name From Windows Explorer



      I want to grab a filepath and name from Windows Explorer [WE] and populate an FM field with that data.  I figured out how to display WE but I can't find an easy way to grab the filepath/name.  Ideally I'd just like the user to click on the filename in WE and that would populate the FM field.

      I'd be grateful for an idea or two about how to approach this.  It seems like it must have been solved before, but I don't seem to put the right words into the forum search.

      Thanks much ...

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          Don't see how that could be done with a single mouse click, but you should be able to copy and paste the text into a text field. The next step would be to properly reformat that text to work as a file path within FileMaker. Might be easier in some circumstances to use The Insert File Script step, to open a dialog where the user finds and "opens" the file with this script step inserting a reference to the file into a container field. The text in that container field will include the file path to that file.