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Grabbing a single word in a line value

Question asked by mikey123 on Apr 28, 2010
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Grabbing a single word in a line value


I have a field called MultipleFind with a number of lines (values). Each line contains 1 or more words (such as "Big Ben" or "The Incredible Hulk"... or whatever).


If the line contains ony 1 word I can easily grab it with GetValue ( MyTable::MultipleFind; $loop ) where $loop represents the number of the line I want to grab. This returns "Big Ben" if that was the content of the entire line.


But sometimes I want to grab only one word in a line. Such as word 2 of "The Incredible Hulk" (Incredible). I can't figure out how.


All I want is to grab an individual word designated by its position in a given line when more than one word occurs in the same line.


It has to be so obvious that I can't see it.








FM 10 Pro Advanced

Mac OSX 10.5.8