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Question asked by latchodrom on Jun 11, 2010






I'm speaking french, but will try to translate in english ;-)


I'm using filemaker pro 8 advanced.


I'm new to filemaker and trying to create a gradebook for my school. For each student from each class, he will get 4 gradebook per year. Each gradebook is the summary of several subjects.

I would like to have a model displaying the students of a classroom (after selecting the year and the gradebook number) to give scores to each student.

For example, after a science test, i select my class, my year and my gradebook number. All the students from the classroom selected appareas. I enter a score for each student. All score need to be number (usually max 10).


How to do that? How many database and table to create?


Thank you so much for helping me. And i hope my english is not so bad ;-)

Merci !