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Grades for students and whole lot more:-)

Question asked by Jasonix on Jun 29, 2010
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Grades for students and whole lot more:-)


Filemaker 10 on OSX 10.5.8:


Here goes,  I'm completely new to formulas and have no idea on how to use them but I want to do something cool in Filemaker. 


The scenario is that I am recording student grades using a field for each grade eg.  Grade 1 (Text field) can either be a Pass, Merit or Distinction (Value list).  However there are 4 grades to complete a unit of work.  So the student could obtain the following grades on a particular subject:  Pass - Merit - Merit - Distinction.


What is importartant is the grade the student earns from the above results.  The rule is that they will be awarded a 'Pass' for the unit of work due to that being the lowest grade they have attained.  (It's a harsh rule but it motivates the learner and If they are doing well in the other areas it carries that they should do well in all of it i.e they may be being a bit lazy in studying this particular area).


Just to clarify: Merit - Merit - Merit - Distinction would result in the unit of work being awarded a Merit, (Again being the lowest grade).

It also follows that if they got Distinction - Distinction - Distinction - Distinction this would result in the unit of work being awarded Distinction.


So extending this further I would like to use all of the calculated unit grades to provide a timeline of how the unit grades develop throughout the academic year, something like what follows:


Sep      Oct      Nov      Dec      Jan      Feb      Mar      Apr      May     Jun      Jul    (Looks odd but its the months of the academic year)

Pass    Merit   Merit     Pass     Merit    Distin   Pass     Merit    Merit    Merit    Pass



And finally....

Each of the above unit results all add up to create a grand total.  Where Pass = 70 - Merit = 80 - Distinction =90.  So the above timeline would make a grand total of 850.

This grand total is used to allow the student to apply for other courses.  Obviously, the higher the total the higher course they can apply for.

If you can help please let me thank you in advance for any time you may spend on this.  If not I hope you enjoyed reading:-)