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grading database - need help to set up

Question asked by AlexanderVyverman on Dec 4, 2013


grading database - need help to set up


     Hi all,

     first and foremost, thanks for all the great people who try to help eachother out here, it's truly amazing!
     I'm a complete and utter newcommer in the world of databases and filemaker, so I really hope I do not insult anyone by posing my questions here.


     I need to set up a grading database system for the college I'm working for. 
     Basically I have a bunch of different classes (about 12) each containing 10 to 20 students. I wish to make different tables of each and every class containing the list of students.

     Then I also have 8 different student exercises which all students are to make, and who need to be graded.

     The purpose of this database is to create a system where correctors who correct student exercises can open the database,
     choose a class from a list, choose a student from a list, choose an exercise from a list, and then be presented with 5 different criteria of the exercise,
     Of which they have to pick a number between 0 and 5 for each criteria, after which a predeterment calculation will calculate an end result, 
     Which will be automaticaly saved in the student record (table?).

     I am pretty sure that for seasoned filemakers such as you this might sound like the simpelest of tasks to do, but I have been trying to wrap my head around this idea and how to implement it for days, and I my solutions seem to involve creating hundreds of tables, or columns and seem extremely inefficient.

     Not asking you to do my job, on the contrary, but a good push in the right direction of a good model would be a life saver right now.

     Many thanks in advance!