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Grand total in report won't total

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 8, 2010
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Grand total in report won't total


I thought I had figured out this report thing but it seem not. I am trying to get a report created that takes info from two related tables and produces a Grand Total for some of the values. After finishing the table I realised I wanted a second Grand Total for a different field as well, so dragged a field into the 'T' part of the Report design.

Only problem is, this reflects only the value of the last value to be totalled, and omits all the previous ones. The tables and fields are:

Clients -< Values

  • Clients table: Account Number, Client Name
  • Values table: Date, Value, Fee
  • Grand Totals: (Calc Fields from Values table) Total Value, Total Fees

The calc fields add up the similarly named fields in the Values table.

I'm using FM10 and I find editing any Report set up very difficult because everything is all over the place, and I am not sure which ones I need. My other report runs great so I don't understand what's wrong with this one. Any suggestions of where to look? Is it something to do with reading from two related tables? Or from the calculated tables? Or from adding the second GT after completion of the original report setup? Or something else perhaps? 

Edit: Just realised that Values::Fee is a Calculated field itself, unstored because of the relationship (at least that's what the alert said) with one of the parts of the formula it is made from (it takes a value from the Clients table and combines it with another in Values; I then use the result in the report, but I can't total this for all records).