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    Grand total in report won't total (with screenshots)



      Grand total in report won't total (with screenshots)


      Sorry to post this a second time (first time referenced here):


      but I needed to add screenshots and could only remember how to do this from a thread starting post - answers seem unable to do this? Anyway, here are the diagrams which I hope explain my position better than I can.

      Basically, I can't get a report to work that takes values from more than one table. I have tried more than one method (the last one used Calc fields from Client2 as Grand Totals in the report, but this didn't work either), so I've pared this down to the basic question I want to show - and it also doesn't work.



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          Not one field on that 4th image (report view in layout mode) belongs to the same table occurrence as the layout itself.  We know this because the layout is based upon Layout2 but the fields all have  :: in front of their name. This would be fine for the Client 2 information (name, acct no, fee rate) but not for the Date (which should come from Value2).  It shows unrelated so it CAN'T come from Value2.  Does it come from Value instead?  And I cannot find where ValueCHF and QuarterlyFeeCHF even come from but the 'unrelated' suggests that they are, um, unrelated and don't belong on this layout until you have a proper relationship.

          Have you tried to respecify those fields?  Anyway, you have a leading part (sub-summary based upon FeePeriod) but the report indicates that you don't have it sorted by this field.  Summary fields must be in sub-summary parts.  And for them to display their value, the records must be sorted in order of those summary parts (also known as break fields).

          FeeDue should be fine if placed in the body of the report.  But you have no summary fields on this report.  If you place your Total Vaue summary field up in the leading sub-summary and sort by Fee Period, it will produce the toal amount for that period.  But with so many fields broken, I can't even understand what the report is supposed to produce so I can't help you further (yet).

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            Thank you very much for your help. It's clear I so didn't understand what was going on I couldn't explain it to anyone either!

            In an attempt to make things clearer I miraculously seem to have fixed things and the report now works exactly as I wished it to. I'm not sure I could recreate it again though, the questions in the report generator wizard are confusing and ill-explained, and I suspect that is where my problems originated.

            Once again, thanks for your help.

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              Perhaps this tutorial will help you better understand summary reports:  

              Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial