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Grand Total problem

Question asked by alheron on May 10, 2011
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Grand Total problem


OK - first a disclosure - total newbie here Cry

I'm using FM Pro11, loving every minute of it but run into a problem so here goes...

I've got a table of products with their cost and retail prices.  I'm building a simple stock ordering solution so for ease of use the products are selected by Category ( perform Find, Restore and select field Category) which works well.  I have a Summary field which gives a total value to the goods ordered so far.  All works well until I go to the next Category, then my Summary field resets to 0 as it only works on the current found set.  What I need is some kind of Order Total which will retain the value of stock ordered to date without resetting every time I create a new found set (by selecting a new Category)

I would imagine the answer to this is laughably simple, but it has so far eluded me so I'm giving in and asking help from those more experienced please.